For all those who don’t eat meat for a decent reason – fine, don’t care.

However I am sick of being told that I am less of a person for not eating meat, that I’m less “evolved”. Putting aside the fact that I actually am less evolved than 80% of other caucasian people 25-20% of asian people and 10% of black people (lactose tolerance IS evolution at work) my choosing to eat meat has nothing to do with evolution.

It has to do with the fact that if I don’t eat meat at least once a week I  become anemic VERY quickly. Like pass out in the street bad, dizzy when I stand up etc etc etc. I actually can’t live without meat. My mum made me be vegetarian for nearly three years, for those three years, despite eating ALL the iron rich foods, and having iron supplements I was constantly ill, I craved meat, I was ill, irritable, moody, had poor skin, poor hair and so on.

I was constantly in and out of the doctors, till they found out I was on a vegetarian diet. as soon as they found that out the fact that I was anemic made sense to them, they told me to eat meat, so I do.

A lot of people get up in arms about the fact that I would dare to protect my stance on meat eating, like I should meekly bow my head and say sorry for eating it, and feel inferior. I think it’s safe to say I can say fuck off to those who try that tactic.

No – one should be able to be treated as superior or inferior for the dietry needs/preferences, everyone needs/wants different things. deal with it.

Realistically the only meat eaters we should vilify are cannibals – I mean babies are sweet, but I could never eat a whole one!


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