Gender, sexuality, and why I don’t give a flying f***

As a child all I ever saw were cis gendered hetero couples. That was what was expected of me, what I was taught I would grow up to have. I was taught gender roles, and stereotyped to shit. I was forced into clothes, and activities deemed appropriated for my gender, when it really was not me. I grew to accept that if I was to be liked I would have to suppress my real desires.

Understandably when I got a bit older I started to refuse, I dressed as I felt, cross dressed a fair bit, used a shortening of my name which was gender neutral, generally went out of my way to make it so that unless people KNEW, first time meeting people they would assume I was not my birth sex. I also realized that I don’t care about the sex of the person I am with romantically or sexually. I’m not bi, that suggests that I only find cis male and female persons attractive, I also find trans male and female people attractive. I identify as human – sexual as that’s what I am, I find humans sexually desirable.

I tend not to identify with a gender pronoun unless I have to, for example on medical forms, I don’t like the stereotypes that go with wither of the perceived genders. “men are strong, boys don’t cry” “women all want to have children, Women cry at the drop of a hat”.  seriously, being born with a specific set of genitals decides who you are to be when you grow up?? fuck off.

For a start there are more than two genetic sexes anyway, so gender binary is laughable right off the bat. genetically XX, XY, X0 and XXY are the sexes we have. XXY and X0 are genetic mutations, and incredibly rare, but still, by my count that is 4 genetic sexes which should be recognized on health forms for example…

Soo if there are 4 genetic sexes does it not stand to reason that there are more than 2 genders??  That it might actually be a sliding scale, and that all the small minded bigots in the world should just fuck off and die??

Something I have noticed is that even in today’s “equal” society male and female people are still treated very differently. Where I live for any problem which is not obviously physical a doctor will automatically administer a pregnancy test, now knowing how many of my female friends have been forced to have pregnancy tests despite being either lesbian or virgins this seems a little strange. And male friends with depression have been outright ignored to the point they have tried (luckily so far) un-successfully to kill themselves until they get help. All things being equal should the medical profession not update its practice??

There are lots of people who are happy with their birth assigned sex, and good for them, but for those of us who are not so lucky, might some understanding, and a little bit of empathy be in order please??


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