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Religion, and why it’s not my choice

Belief in something can be good, and constructive, and bring people together. Belief in a higher power brings people together. It’s when we start giving it labels thaat it all goes to s***.

I love belief it is one of the most powerful forces that works in humanity. It gives people strenght they would not otherwise have, and conviction.

But I cannot abide by any belief that causes harm to another, and lets face it, when we start defining belief everyone gets hurt, rules are put in place, “everyone must believe this or they are wrong” and it just does not work that way.

I can almost guarentee that if you have two people of the same religion and ask them the same questions that they would give at least somewhat varied answers.

That is because belief is individual. It should not be constrained.

This is not a rant about how believeing in god/god is bad, this is about why the institution of religion is bad. About how taking a set of core beliefs and ruling people live by the beliefs that


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