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If anyone stumbling across here hasn’t figured it out yet I’m a bit of an equalist. 

I believe everyone has the right to the same chances, even if they do need more help to acheive the same goals.

This comes from my upbringing and my personal issues.

I have two SpLD’s being ADHD and Dyspraxia. Both affect my day to day life. They make quite a big impact, but because they are not obvious I get an awful lot of s*** on a day to day basis for certain behaviours I exhibit. 

I also don’t conform to society’s expectation of behaviour for either my age or my physical sex. This is because I do not feel comfortable with doing that. I never have, and I refuse to act in a certain way because someone says I should. Also a lot of the physical things I do such as my hair style are due to my Dyspraxia, I can’t stand having certain lengths of hair, it makes me feel ill, so I can’t, I can’t wear certain clothes. My skin crawls and I feel like vomiting.

I have depression, most likely due to the years of discrimination I have been subject to – get told you are stupid, and ugly and wrong often enough and you will start to believe it. Even my family don’t help, I’m never good enough even for my family, if I can’t be good enough for them why would I be good enough for the rest of the world.

Logically I know it’s because they don’t want me to face discrimination, but even if I tried to mainstream my behaviour and appearance It would never be enough and I would still be unhappy just for different reasons.

I have had to put up with years of being told I was lazy in academic settings, and then told I can’t get x,y, or z job because I don’t fit the look – for an office job.

I’ve seen people with controllable mental health issues have sustained periods of illness due to maltreatment at the hands of so called professionals.

It’s these experiences that have taught me that at the end of the day, everyone has to deal with some sort of problem due to the way society is, and that only by fully educating people on issues can we get rid of them.

I don;t believe in feminism, or masculism, or fighting for x rights for one group and x for another. I fight for the rights of all people, in all walks of life at all times.

also I find it amusing seeing this now that masculism is a word I’ve apparently just made up…


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