Things I like

The Avengers :- I went to see it twice at the cinema, and I cannot WAIT until I can get it on DVD.

The Lords of the rings :- ~Both the books series and the film series are amazing. The wealth of detail in the tale is amazing, and frankly I’m glad my parents gave me a copy at age ten.

A Song of Ice and Fire :- This series of books is mind blowing. the sheer depth of the story line, the way he describes each scene, and the way you get to know the characters is amazing. I cannot wait until they finish televising the books, what happens to some characters in the later books is so very deserved and I’m waiting for the day. Let’s just say there are some parts which had me doing victory laps around my room in glee.

Dice based RPG :- What can I say? The perfect way to lose myself for an evening, I cease to be myself and I become a gnome bard, or a dwarven monk, an elven paladin, I just love it.

Reading :- I love to lose myself in a good book (please don’t mention twishite) . There is nothing better than following the tale of some dashing hero/ine and watching them struggle to overcome the odds. or to watch them fail entirely and take a darker turn and see the villain be victorious for once.

Music :- I’m a fan of most genres, but especially rock. I was raised on rock and it’s beautiful. I identify with the raw emotion which is exposed in most good rock songs, pop just does not have the same emotional impact, as much as I do like the odd Disney song…


Eh at least there will be the beautiful geekery there 😀


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