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Gender and sex

Soo I’m about to bang on my equalist gender neutral drum right now.

Sex isn’t binary so neither should sexuality, gender or orientation be.

Yes yes I know, you were taught in school about genetics, and genetics say male and female right. Don’t they.

Wait you mean my teachers told me only about XX and XY because explaining about the other variations was too hard. Now why would they do that?

Well, because it iss hard to explain why some people don’t come in XX or XY and how that affects them.

Some people are intersexed, some people are technically not sexed, so why do we only have two boxes at birth when we actually need more?

We need XX, XY, XXY, XXX, XYY and XO. And those are just the ones which happen often  enough to have been recorded and studied and named. There are thousands of people in the world who are told they are not people due to not being XX or XY straight and breeding, is this really right, especially knowing that this idea we have of a binary life is based on fallacy?

Also if anyone doubts me read this: Chromosome Abnormalities


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